Halal meat and beef

KARACHI: Out of the total global market of Halal meat and beef worth $2.95 billion, the share of Pakistan is only $153.826 million or 5.21 percent.The shares of global Halal meat of Brazil, India and Australia are 54 percent, 11 percent and 9.0 percent, respectively.


All our neighbouring Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Iran and Afghanistan are dependent on imported Halal meat and beef and Pakistan can increase its share if Halal meat and beef is exported rather than exporting live animals.


Talking to Daily Times, strategic expert on Halal meat and skin, Agha Saiddain said, “There are still a large number of Muslims in Muslim countries who avoid Halal meat and beef imported from non-Muslim countries and this can be an excellent marketing tool for Pakistani exporters.”
Export and smuggling of live animals can be stopped immediately. Export of Halal meat may be encouraged by giving interest free loans for setting up modern slaughter houses in the country.
The export and smuggling of live animals from Pakistan should be stopped and the Ministry for Commerce should take cognisance of the situation in order to encourage Hala meat export rather than smuggling of live animals.


The government has taken an unthought decision to allow export of live animals from Karachi, Gwadar, Quetta and Peshawar. For this purpose the government has approved quota for export of live animals from these ports and borders. Again this quota is misused and under its cover smuggling of live animals from borders of Quetta and Peshawar is in practice.

An official of the Ministry of Food Security and Research said, “If the government functionaries take serious measures for the improvement of hygiene and sanitary conditions, our Halal meat export could increase manifold.”

It has been observed that a number of live animals being exported from Quetta and Peshawar is much higher than the quota available.

The most alarming thing is that only adult and healthy animals ready for reproduction are being exported.
This means Pakistan is exporting seed of future breed of livestock. This will create acute shortage of livestock in the country, which is already a protein-deficient nation.

As against 78 kilogrammes (kgs) per capita consumption of meat and beef in developed world the per capita consumption in Pakistan is only 38 kgs.
If the present policy continues then there will be an acute shortage of live animals in the country so much that slaughtering (qurbani) will be beyond the reach of middle-class in Pakistan.