APN Labs, Inc. Announces Availability of Customer-Specific Probiotic Blends

APN Laboratories, one of the leading contract manufacturers of nutraceutical products, is now offering custom probiotic blends. Selection of probiotic strains is the key to product performance in this rapidly growing segment of the nutraceutical industry. According to Marketresearch.com, the market for probiotics will be in excess of $31.1 billion by 2015 with a CAGR of 7.6% between 2010 and 2015.


Probiotic Formulation Requires Unique Expertise


Dr. S.K. Dash is a recognized expert in the probiotics field. Since 1979, Dr. Dash has been perfecting the characteristics that make a high quality probiotic and now, he is making this expertise available to other companies in the formulation of custom blends. Dr. Dash is often quoted that, “probiotics are strain specific, proper selection and handling are key to their performance”. After 30 years of formulating products, Dr. Dash is one of few scientists that have the expertise needed to select strains for specific customer needs.


High Quality Manufacturing Required for Probiotics


APN Labs specializes in formulation, research and development, manufacturing, labeling and regulatory compliance for the nutraceutical industry. As a specialist in handling some of the most demanding nutraceutical products, APN Labs has the unique capability to produce a range of nutritional supplements. The operation is GMP certified (NSF), as well as Kosher and Halal Certified. APN Labs has expertise in grinding and milling, blending, granulation, encapsulation, tableting, pouch and powder filling, sachets, blister packaging and bottling.


About APN Laboratories, Inc.


APN Labs, Inc. (Wausau, WI USA), has been a leading contract manufacturer of premium nutraceuticals for over 10 years. The facility and equipment meet the strict FDA and state health department requirements as well as current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) guidelines. APN Labs is NSF GMP certified and many of its products are Kosher and Halal certified. APN Labs has a staff and advisory board consisting of PhD’s, MD’s, microbiologists, nutritionists and research scientists and it utilizes the services of one of the most advanced analytical laboratories in the country. The company offers consultation on product development from conception to completion with their formulations or custom formulations. .