Pure Halal Beauty: Products offer natural and ethical alternatives

Pure Halal Beauty (PHB) offers a revolutionary alternative to other beauty products with its largest range of natural halal certified beauty products. A PHB franchise store will open in the Middle East in 2012, announced owner Rose Brown, 21, when Arab News caught up with her.


How did you come up with the idea of such a concept?


I'm a vegetarian and was shocked by some of the ingredients in beauty product and cosmetics. Animal fat, crushed beetles and pig's placenta are commonly used in many brands. I came across halal certification and found that halal products must meet strict criteria. They don't contain animal ingredients or haram alcohol, and the products were not tested on animals. This fitted perfectly with my philosophy, and I set about formulating my own collection of natural, halal certified products.


How do you plan on revolutionizing the beauty industry through your halal products?


Other beauty products are often full of harsh alcohols and animal ingredients, and even other halal certified products can contain the same potentially harmful chemicals and preservatives used by non-halal companies, such as parabens. There is no reason to use these sorts of ingredients that can damage the skin. I feel strongly about these issues and so my products contain only the purest natural ingredients made from the finest plant and fruit extracts. They offer a truly natural, ethical and affordable alternative to other products available. Therefore my company motto is: “Pure Halal Beauty - Where Beauty & Belief Co-exist.”


What makes halal ingredients better than others?


When you use a lipstick or a moisturizer, up to 60 percent of that product is worked into your skin and can enter the blood stream. If that product contains alcohol, glycerin derived from a pig, or harmful chemicals, such as parabens, they will be absorbed into your body.

There is no reason to use these ingredients; as a result, my products contain none of them. We only use ingredients derived from nature and that nourish and protect the skin. We’ve developed our formulas using natural products that have been used by our ancestors and are universally recognized for their benefits to health and well being. We have combined this knowledge with modern clinical evidence, allowing us to choose the most effective natural ingredients for our products. For example, in our Elixir of Youth Anti-Aging Skincare, we use rosewood, monoi de tahiti and rosehip oil. These are known for their incredible anti-aging properties, helping to combat signs of aging like pigmentation and sagging skin.


What triggered your business mindset?


My store is the first and only store of its kind in the UK, Europe and beyond that sells solely halal certified beauty products. I gained a lot of very positive media attention because of this, and I felt confident that people would be interested in the concept and the products. I think that I’ve always had a belief in myself that I could do a number of different things. It gave me the courage to explore the opportunity I had found.


How has your father, UB40 drummer Jimmy Brown, inspired you?


I'm very close to my father. He's obviously a very creative and intelligent individual who has won awards for his songwriting abilities and has been a producer and drummer with UB40 for over 30 years now. I'm very proud of him and all of his achievements. Over 30 years in the music industry has meant he’s had a crazy life with lots of worldly experiences, so he always has wise words and advice to give me about life, or business or anything I may need to ask him. And most importantly, he’s a great father who always encourages and supports everything that my three sisters and I do.


Who are your best customers? And is your website and online ordering available to all countries?


Our products are of course available to order in all countries, and we already have a fantastic international customer base. We’re ecstatic about this because not only are we getting fantastic feedback and helping a lot of people, but it also allows us to understand where there is most demand for our products. We recently had to launch a new website to cope with the sheer amount of traffic we have been receiving, particularly from international customers.