The largest International Exhibition centre of Russia?

On June 7-9, 2010 in Moscow on the territory of the largest International Exhibition centre of Russia “Crocus Expo” upon the God’s Mercy the First Moscow International Halal Exhibition “Moscow Halal Expo 2010” will take place. The event is organized by Russia Mufties Council.

Among those who are invited to the event as exhibitors are Russian and foreign producers of food products (meat and poultry, diary products, confectionaries, bakery, ingredients, dried fruit, fast food etc.), medical supplies, clothes, perfume and cosmetics, equipment for production, company producing services in the spheres of tourism, finance, banking, investments, publishing and other spheres that do not contradict the norms of Islam. The products and services are admitted to the Exhibition subject to their halal certification or declaration on “halal” completed in a proper way.

Moscow Halal Expo 2010 is the opportunity for the Russian and foreign producers and businessmen to present themselves on an international level, to share experience and to establish useful business contacts. At the same time the Exhibition will become a ground for presentation of investment opportunities of the Muslim Russia.

Along with the exhibition process itself the programme of the event shall include conferences, presentations, discussions and cultural part, divided into three topical days: Day of halal production, Day of Islamic finance and banking and Day of Islamic culture.

At the same period of time at the same pavilion “Arabia Expo”, Second Arabian exhibition in Moscow with the participation of Arabian and Russian companies is planned. The exhibition will consist of national booths of the Arabian countries along with the expositions of the Russian companies and whole regions who are interested to work on Arabian market. During the exhibition the Ninth session of the Russian-Arab business Council will take place.

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